Sunday, September 29, 2013

the fripple drake or, as I like to call it the drakehamer

DAMN! That's sexy.
I'm gonna tie up some of these! stumbled onto this over at fly fish food

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Three killer patterns for fall.

From top to bottom
Slump Buster, the same guy that gave us the copper john came up with this one. John Barr, has helped me catch many fish. 

Lime Trude. No idea of the origin but it's one of the better attractors around.…

Turck's Tarrantula. Great hopper, great stonefly and works well as a streamer. There's a reason it won the Jackson Hole one fly contest. 

You can find the ones I tie at

Double bunnies

Love these things! Great anywhere but really shine in Stillwaters. the double bunny is tough to beat! I LOVE rabbit strips, look great in the water and are easy to work with.
Tying instructions to follow and I'll post my zonker variant as well. 
Want some? Maybe even one I tied? Get them here