Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Redington Butter Stick

Boy, I have a good wife. She gave me a fiberglass rod for Christmas. I love bamboo rods except for the weight and the issues associated with having to maintain them, price is also a issue. This is where the modern fiberglass rods can really shine.
This is where I must say I also adore some of the fast graphite rods out there,  I have a Winston that is amazing and I have cast some incredible rods from Sage and others but the rods I enjoy most when conditions allow are typically rods that flex right down into the handle.

Are bamboo or fiberglass rods for everyone? 
No, but if you fish a lot of dries at medium to close range you should give them a long hard look. 

What do they do better than graphite rods?
Nothing other than protect your tippet a little and even that could be argued.

Why do you like them if they are not better?
because they offer a more relaxed feel, the rods tend be more of a full flex than the current trend of high end rocket launchers. The best comparison I can come up with is comparing a something like a Mercedes 190sl to a Subaru STI. Everything about the Subaru would be better but that Mercedes would just still be a pleasure to drive and to some just more enjoyable because of what it lacks.

over at the fiberglass manifesto there's a review check it out!

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