Thursday, January 15, 2015

Green Rockworm with a Czech Nymph Twist

  The Green Rockworm is one of the most common and one of the more effective nymphs you'll see people using here in western Maine as well as just about anywhere there's cold water and rocky streams. 
I use a ton of variants from the simple stuff like a brassie with green wire to the more involved stuff. They all work! 
What I'm gonna show you today is more involved but by no means hard to tie. Basically a czech nymph in smaller sizes (16,18, 20 and 22)
No need to get picky about hooks here most scud hooks will work great but I really like the European competition hooks. 

Materials are the following......

 One layer of flat lead.
Very fine silver wire for rib. 
Green net print on clear scud back or thin skin, plain clear would be fine too. 
Green slf dubbing.
Black slf dubbing.
Thread, veevus black 12/0 
Finish by hitting the thin skin over the black dubbing with a black sharpie.

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