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Fishing Report – Oct. 3 2013

OCTOBER 4, 2013
The regular fishing season is over and ended on a good note for most fisherman. We saw a lot of satisfied customers the last days of the season and even saw a few pictures. Now that October is here the crowds are gone and the rivers are quite. There are still plenty of places open to wet a line in the Rangeley area. Upper Dam is the most popular destination in the late season and is usually very productive. The flow is low at 400 cfs, but there showed be plenty of trout and salmon making their way into the pool. Be prepared for any situation when you go there as the fish are often feeding on the surface even in Oct.. Nymphing is very effective using small pheasant tails and  attractors.
These waters are often open in October, and even some in November for late season fishing.  Always check the regulations and enjoy the fall opportunities:
Upper Dam
Rangeley River
Androscoggin River
Dead River – see regs.
Swift River – see regs.
Eddy Pond
Flagstaff Lake
Gull Pond
Haley Pond
Kennebago Lake
Little Jim Pond
Midway Pond
Rock Pond
Round Pond
Saddleback Lake
Sandy  River Ponds
South (Pine Tree) Pond
Spencer Pond
Swift River Pond
Tea Pond
Little Tea Pond
Bug Eye Pond
East Richardson Pond
West Richardson Pond
Pepperpot Pond
Little Beaver Pond

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